Learning Portfolio 3

Provide 3 visual examples of products or artefacts (found in everyday surroundings) that satisfy the design principle of Performance load. Upload them on your blog site with a brief explanation why the products satisfied the design principle.

1- Clock

For the young ‘techno’ generation the reading of digital time is much more efficient than reading analogue time. The simplicity of reading numbers straight as they are presented to you, for some, is much more convenient than reading a clock face with it’s three hands, lines and numbers. Deciphering the minutes is much more precise on a digital clock than an analogue as the lines used for minutes on an analogue clock can be hard to read. Thus performance load is reduced.


Digital Time- Easier to read


Analogue Time- Harder to read

2- Nutribullet and Ninja are just two brands of new blenders that have taken away the need for buttons, reduced clean up time and minimised the space required to house a blender. Older blenders although they can fit more in them are clunky, hard to clean and take up a lot of space. Thus the Nurtibullet and other designs alike have reduced performance load by merely requiring the pressing down of the cylinder ‘jug’ and only having to clean the jug, which also doubles as a cup to drink from.


The Ninja- Easier to use


Traditional design of blender- Harder to use

3-The circular knob door handle requires a twisting motion to open a door which can sometimes cause stress on joints especially if one has arthritis. Long handle shaped door handles only require a pushing down motion to open, which is much easier to achieve for most people. The reduction of performance in motion required to open a long handle compared to the knob handle makes it much easier to use.


Long door handle- Easier to use


Knob door handle- Harder to use


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