Learning Portfolio 1

 Study 3 examples that meet the aesthetic-usability effect principle. Provide a reasoned explanation for each item why they meet the design principle


The computer:

1-Apple is renowned for its appealing designs with smooth edges, touch screens and an overall sleekness that is not shared by main competitor Windows. Windows computers most commonly have a separate monitor and screen making it look bulky and chaotic with wires connecting them. The keys protrude out of the keyboard of a Windows computer whilst Mac/Apple keyboards have flat keys, which are a continuation of the flat surfaces seen in their computers.




Windows PC – unappealing



Right: Apple Imac – appealing


2- Design one

Has text close together in a small font with little space between the sentences making it hard to read. The colours are bland and don’t engage the reader. Although the categories on the side are laid out clearly it lacks attraction

.Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 12.20.05 pm

Own screen Shot (Towers, 2010)

Design two:

This design has bright colours that compliment each other and pop off the page engaging the reader. The colourful page banner has an intriguing design that makes the page look professional. The text is well spaced and easy to read as gaps separate the lines. The categories on the side ‘blog archive’ is simple yet works well with the rest of the page blending in to create one cohesive image.

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 12.20.44 pm

Own Screen Shot (Laura, 2013)

Most readers will identify the second design as the more aesthetically-pleasing page. Both websites have similar material but because the second website looks better it is automatically an easier website to navigate. The layout of the second website is much more appealing than the first website and provides more clarity.

3-The wireless Apple computer mouse is an attractive step up from the cord connected ‘mouses’ that previously existed. The sleek design of the apple mouse matches other Apple products aesthetics too (like the iMac). Compared to the chunky cord mouses that often accompany Windows and other PCs. The Apple mouse’s aesthetics make it appear easier to use than the traditional computer mouse.


Apple Mouse- sleek and attractive


Wireless cord connected mous- Chunky and less attractive

Screen Shots Retrieved from:

Towers, A, S (2010) Aesthetic Usability Effect. Retreived from http://usabilityfriction.com/2010/03/30/aesthetic-usability-effect/




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