Learning Portfolio 4

The findings of Fogg’s studies conducted in 1999 and 2002 indicated that people’s perception of Web credibility has changed. For example, people’s perception on non‐profit organisation websites has changed since 1999. This is because, nowadays, setting up a nonprofit website is easy, and therefore the image of non‐profit websites has lost its value. In dot points, in your own words, list anticipated issues that may affect the users’ perceived Web credibility in future


  • As technology enhances it will be harder for internet users to distinguish the difference between false websites and real websites
  • More information will be accessible on the internet making it harder to filter the accurate information from the inaccurate information
  • Fake duplicates of real company’s websites have already emerged and in the future it’s likely that more will be present
  • Online stores will increase in quantity with a large amount being fraudulent
  • Trolls and hackers may influence a site’s credibility through comment streams or by infiltrating the site
  • Uneducated writers (bloggers) may provide illegitimate or wrong information but due to large followings (followers) they will be trusted and deemed ‘credible’
  • Information that has been on the web for long periods of time may go un-updated making it irrelevant
  • Author anonymity may increase
  • Increase in people’s agendas for publishing certain information may occur; whether this be personal or political
  • More websites made by individuals will arise, which is less credible than a website made by a company
  • Copyright issues may be more apparent with new websites/forums
  • Material from ‘new studies’ may be unreliable as it’s become easier to forge official organizations
  • A websites attractive and convincing design may distract from the actual content presented

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