Learning Portfolio 4

The author of this week’s article (Fogg) discussed credibility as a key attribute to evaluate online resources. In your own words, describe why it is important that we evaluate credibility of websites In your discussion, provide an example of  how credibility of the Webb resources could affect you as a student.


Credibility of online sources such as websites is a topic that causes much contention as it is increasingly harder to establish the legitimacy of websites. Due to issues like scamming credibility is more important than ever before and consumers are constantly finding themselves falling into scammer’s traps, giving bank details and other personal details. There have been several cases where fraudulent websites have been set up (bankofamerica) emulating existing companies, which have managed to fool people into handing over their personal details due to the site appearing legitimate. As Frogg mentions the internet can be a very credible source for information (Frogg, 2003, p. 148) however distinguishing the credible sites from the non credible sites can be a tricky task. Wikipedia is a web site that attracts lots of attention as it’s a site that is commonly used amongst internet users for information due to it’s vast variety of pages on almost any topic.“Wikipedia provides Internet users with millions of articles on a broad range of topics, and commonly ranks first in search engines” (Moran, 2011) Students often find themselves using websites like Wikipedia, which are not 100% credible, despite being warned against it. In haste or laziness students may go to websites for information and will not assess the information or the site’s credibility. “Our study shows that features of website credibility… have only slight or at best moderate correlation with accuracy of information” (Groot, 2002)

Retrieved from:

Moran, M. E. (2011). The Top 10 Reasons Students Cannot Cite or Rely On Wikipedia. Education. Retrieved from http://www.findingdulcinea.com/news/education/2010/march/The-Top-10-Reasons-Students-Cannot-Cite-or-Rely-on-Wikipedia.html

Wilinson, E. (2002). Apparently credible websites may not be accurate. Retrieved from http://www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2002-03/bmj-acw030602.php


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