Learning Portfolio 3

In your own words, write summary of the article and provide critical analysis/discussion on the topic(s) of the article.


Performance load is the combination of cognitive load and kinesthetic load. Cognitive load is the amount of ‘brain power’ used to complete an action and kinematic is the physical motion and movement required to complete the action. As humans we strive to design objects to help reduce our efforts and performance load. These designs work with our environment to assist us, “In both biological evolution and human cognition, through environmental organizing… information held in the information store is used to ensure that activity is appropriately coordinated with the environment” (Sweller and Kalyuga, 2011, p.48) Chunking is a cognitive technique where essential information is gathered in ‘chunks’ to help us remember better such as telephone numbers. This is because humans have trouble remembering information at times “The fact that our working memories have a small capacity and a short duration…It’s what we’re up against as humans and as learning experience designers.” (Malamed, 2011) It’s important to not deliver too much information at once as our memories simply can’t retain lots of information, “our short term memory, or working memory, can only retain a certain amount of information simultaneously. The more information that is delivered at once, the more likely that the students will not actually learn” (Pappas, 2014) presenting information through chunking is the best way to combat this.

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