Learning Portfolio 3

The authors borrowed ideas traditionally studied by the psychology to discuss effective visual design. Why do you think a study of psychology is necessary in design?

Visual design in any sense has a one sole purpose to serve and please the user. The way we know what appeals to people whether that be colours, textures or layout can be found through the study of psychology. Looking into psychology to discover how users interpret certain design elements can ensure effective designs that users enjoy and relate to. “Understanding of cognitive behaviour, for instance, can hugely affect a design,” (Taylor, 2013). The most successful designs target the user in a way that harnesses their feelings and emotions and works in the way intended by the designer. “Unlike artists, designers have to make something for effect; an artist can start a project without a brief, but a designer has to have a purpose and they have to do that for a particular audience.”

Retrieved from:

Taylor, A. R. (2013). The psychology of design explained Retrieved from http://www.digitalartsonline.co.uk/features/graphic-design/psychology-of-design-explained/


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